Kirton Lane Primary: "Professional sports coaches work alongside school staff to improve their skills. Healthy lifestyles are taught in class, which has led to the school winning the 'Doncaster's Fittest School' award.

(Dec 2018)

Barnburgh Primary School: "Funding for physical education and sport is used well to pay for high quality sports coaching. The number of pupils taking part in inter school sport has increased and a sports club takes place after school. Staff observe the coach to improve their own practice."

(Nov 2016)

Carcroft Primary School: "...the new primary school sports funding has been used wisely. For example, resources have been improved, coaches appointed to work alongside class teachers and playground leaders chosen to help organise team games and physical activities when pupils are at play. As a result, pupils are developing healthy lifestyles, better physical well-being and are starting to improve their performance."

(Jan 2014)

Kirk Sandall Junior School: "Good opportunities for pupils to take part in a range of sports tailored for boys and girls promote healthy lifestyles and well-being. Pupils achieve well in sports and the extra money available through the new primary school sports funding is being used to buy in specialist coaches, improve the expertise of staff and improve sports equipment."

(Dec 2013)

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